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Under the pressure of the European debt crisis and China's economic slowdown, starting in 2012 , the global luxury goods industry will feel an unprecedented chill. Recently, the number of foreign luxury brands released 2013 first quarter results, sales are no longer amazing , just to maintain sales growth in the single digits . French luxury goods group LVMH reported a quarter , sales rose 6% in the quarter only . In fact, since 2013 , the results of major luxury retailers are varying degrees of slowing down , especially in the past to maintain its high growth Chinese market , many luxury goods listed companies released earnings data have shown that its sales in China a marked decline in the growth rate . However, despite the backdrop of the debt crisis of the French luxury goods industry sales growth slowed from a global turnover , the French brand Hermes -class craft unshakable still occupy a dominant position in the luxury goods industry, market reduction in demand for its products but not exuberant , shortage situation ensued. According to the latest results of the recent report released by Hermes , as of the end of June 2013 , total profit of Hermes Group in 2013 reached 1.7672 billion euros ,Hermes Blanket Replica an increase of 14.4% . Sales in the first quarter of 2013 already shows the rapid growth trend , and to create in the second quarter jumped 12.9 % increase gratifying . France and elsewhere in Europe showed the adverse economic environment in a good performance , with 13 % and 14 % increase . Sales in the Americas is the outstanding performance in the first half , an increase of 17%. Despite the negative impact of a weak yen and other currencies , but sales in Japan in the first quarter already showing improved momentum , has returned to normal steady growth track. However, in Asia excluding Japan showed a more optimistic growth momentum , jumped 17% to create a remarkable increase in turnover success , especially in China shows great vitality in the face of the economic slowdown in the market environment, Hermes product demand is still growing steadily. Hermes with data and facts broke experts generalize to the global luxury goods in 2013 China 's major market growth will be down to single digits inferred.
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